Friday, January 20, 2012

OK... I am back, BABY! ;D

Ok, so I fell down on the job a few months ago... I am back and I am going to start blogging regularly... Like every time I get hungry or walk toward the fridge regularly. A way to keep myself honest, as it were.  So this is what I ate today.

Breakfast @ 6:30, more like a snack. I had about a quarter of a serving of oatmeal that I made for my nephew.  He got full, so I ate the leftovers with a dip of sunbutter.

Lunch: When H got home at 1, I mixed a can of tuna, a tbsp of mayo, 2 tbsp of pickle relish, and some hot sauce. Put it on top of 2 slices of homemade bread.
Also had a Dole cup of mandarin oranges.

I have plans to go jogging this afternoon. With Boo!!! Our new American Bulldog Puppy. This is her on Christmas Day with H.
So! Cute! :)

What can I say, she likes to cuddle with Daddy. She is a good girl, so smart!!! Learning so fast.  I have lots of fun with her.

Also, I am going to update my personal info today... to force myself to recognize that I need to work on the weight loss... For serious. 

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