Monday, January 23, 2012

P90X-treme dessert :)

Harharhar... a punny title!

I did my Kenpo X, and H, graciously, took some pictures so I can prove it.  I felt fine during the warm-up but about 10 minutes into the actual exercise I felt like DooDoo Brown... I did it the best I could. I was sooooooo thirsty the whole time though... Maybe I just need to up the amount of water I have been drinking. Come to think of it, I have not been drinking much at all... Not even juice in the mornings. The cartons just pack to many calories for the punch. So I will try to up my intake of fluid tomorrow, and instead of Kenpo, I am going to do Cardio. That Tony just busts my Schweddy Balls. Every time! However, I usually feel way better post workout, and during, than I did tonight. Has to be either calories or water...

Any-whoselles.  After the workout, I made "Pumpkin Pie", courtesy of Kath at , for  He-who-shall-not-be-named (as his people called my people and requested to no longer be referred to on a public domain ;) and myself. This time I added a little drizzle of honey and 2 teaspoons of Stoneyfield Organic French Vanilla 2% Yogurt. So good!!!

Eaten with a little spoon, to make me take small bites and enjoy it properly. Here is Boo enjoying her snack....

It is 12:36 in the morning and I finally finished cleaning up the kitchen. H and Boo have been in bed for 2 hours while I cleaned and made something yummy.  I fixed H's lunch and then got to thinking about cookies... ginger snaps to be exact... Not that I had any tonight. I did mix the batter though!

I got the recipe from . It says the cookies are 73 calories each, but I am going to add up all the calories from the individual ingredients, and will report back on this tomorrow. 

I also made a Mexican Hot Chocolate Diva Pancake for tomorrow morning. I got this recipe from . I love Kath! She is an excellent blogger and is my inspiration for doing this blog!

My batter:

Ok, seriously.
It is 12:51 now... I should go to bed :) For real.  Laterzzzz.

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