Saturday, January 28, 2012

I want out of the house!!!!!

Today has been a boring day... I really want to go somewhere, but hubby is really tired and is napping... Hopefully, he will wake up soon and we can get out of the house.

I got up around 10 and had breakfast. Just some cantaloupe and pineapple.  I fixed myself some spaghetti squash with cinnamon on it, but I made the mistake of peppering it before roasting it last night, and that made it not taste very good... So I had two bites and left it.  I wanted some yogurt, but I ate the last of it yesterday. Wow, I need to go shopping.

The squash would have been really nice if I had not peppered it.  As it is, it will be good in savory dishes, but not as breakfast.  Noted for next time. 

I feel kind of burnt out this morning, so I did felt like doing something pretty.

Rock counters!!!  A visual reminder of the weight I have lost and the weight I still have left.  Obviously, the one on the left is the weight I need to lose.  I used my "official" weigh-in from Transformation Nation to count the rocks.  180 is my goal, so there are 82 rocks in all. The white and red are just to be pretty... when I put in the rocks, they didn't take up as much room as I imagined, so I decided some creative layering was needed. This makes me feel pretty good... but then I walked into the bathroom to weigh, and it said 2 pounds more than I thought.... Ach, I think I am only going to weigh once a week from now on.... Weigh in Wednesdays!!!!   That's it!!!  Definitely.  

Boo and I went for a walk and I am hungry now... H and Boo are sleeping hard with a vengeance, so I guess I will take this opportunity to eat.

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