Sunday, January 22, 2012

It was a cold and stormy night....

So, with the history of tornados here in Alabama, the fact that the weather men have been expecting storms all afternoon and none have shown up yet... well, it feels like we are waiting for the other foot to drop... Like the weather gods are holding the lightning, looking at us and giggling amongst themselves. 

The Tornado Song by Company of Thieves

H had a great time at soccer. He scored 4 times (at least, he says!) and didn't get hurt at all!!!!  He tells me that he and I are going to start "training" tomorrow.  I am a little scared....  He is a self-proclaimed hard-ass when it comes to exercising! (And I have confrmed this thouroughly!)
What I probably have to look forward to:

We came home from soccer and had to go to the grocery store. I am quite tired after the last 2 nights. Although I only drank a half of a Crown and ginger ale, we did stay up soooo late last night and then got up early this morning to go to my parent's house. Good things happened there!!!!  I <3 my parents!

So I had a late breakfast at my parents, then we went to the soccer game.  So we just ate lunch/supper... I know I should try to cook real food, but it just was not going to happen tonight!  So H and I got some fajitas and wild rice from the store.  The calories for this meal by itself were OUT- rage-ous!!!!

My calories for the day, however, are relatively low. I did not purposefully only have 2 meals... and I will have a small snack later, but overall, a pretty good day.

Calories are as follows

530 calories - TGIFridays steak fajitas (IIIiiiiiIII KNOW!!!)
35 calories - 1 Laughing Cow Light swiss cheese
45 calories - 4 Kashi TLC original Pita chip crackers (120 caloris for 11 crackers)
190 calories - 1 cup Green Giant steamers, wild rice with veggies
90 calories - 8 oz Milo's sweet tea (H bought it, and I have a weakness, so I had a half a glass)

Dinner was 890 calories!!! A huge meal, calorie-wise!

Total so far today is 1235 calories... Amazing considering the gluttonous meal I just ate!  I had really just gotten hungry, too.  A little egg sammich can work wonders!  :)

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