Friday, January 20, 2012


Ok, so this is totally self-deprecating, but I feel it is neccessary to shame myself into losing weight the way I need to lose weight. So here it goes... Shall we talk about them all idividually to make me examine myself??? Ok!

Pretty, but see the belly? and the arme jiggle!?

This dress is 2X. Not Ok!

My H is fit... so should I be!

Big Thighs...

Awww.... I actually love this pic.... Friends <3

At least H loves my wobbly bits!

Look at my pretty tats... punctuated by the Turkey ham :)

Sunlight outside!!! Should be up and exercising... Yet, I am lazing in bed with my hubby.

Starfish... Least I have a pretty smile?

Ok, so I am not as big around as this pretty Penny.

Belly fat. Obvious

At least I am drinking water... from... a ... well?

Not today! :)  Maybe one day I can hide behind there :)

Sponsored by a calorie-laden brown acid water that does nothing but put more jiggle in my trunk.

Ok... So, there is that... On to more positive things... Next time! :)  LibbyD, out!

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