Friday, January 20, 2012

Cooking for the men in my life

H slept all afternoon, but M (his brother) came home hungry... So into the kitchen I went to rustle up some grub.  The selection tonight was tilapia, brussel sprouts and couscous... I have a new mint plant in the house, so I decided to put it to use and turned the couscous into tabouleh.

Recipe for the brussel sprouts

1- two pound bag of brussel sprouts = 8 cups = 560 calories
2 tbsp of EVOO - 68 calories
6 teaspoons of Highland Sugarworks maple syrup, courtesy of my cousin from Vermont :)1/4 cup is 200 calories... so.... there are 48 teaspoons in a cup, so 12 tsp in a quarter cup, so i used an eight of a cup... 100 calories!!!!  whew... seriously?  :)
728 calories for 8 cups of BS... lol :)

salt and papper to taste, put in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. roasted to perfection :)

Couscous was a little less than a cup of couscous : a whopping 608 calories!!! whoa!
a cup of mint - about 20 calories
2 roma tomatoes - 60 calories

4 cups of tabouleh for 688 calories

And tilapia, seasoned with coriander, salt and pepper, in the oven at 375* for 12-15 minutes... about 100 calories per serving

So, my plate can have 100 cal of fish,
1 cup of BS ;) 91 cal,
and 1 cup of tabouleh - 172 cal
A total of 363 calories for supper.  And I had water to drink.

Ok, The tilapia was really nice!!!! Coriander and cumin are my two favorites spices to put on fish. The coriander by itself was a nice change.  The tabouleh was...well, tabouleh.  Minty-tomatoey tabouleh. Last but not least, the brussel sprouts.  They had great flavor, but I have to be honest and tell you that I really do not like brussel sprouts. They are good for you, so I ate them anyway...  And for only 363 calories for supper, I am extremely full.

I would love comments if there is anyone out there reading this stuff :)  I have a request for how to make homemade bread.  I hope to do that sometime tomorrow. Til next time :)

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