Sunday, January 22, 2012

Farm in the Morning

Ah, January. You would think that it might look like this. And it did this time last year. However, Global warming. Nice to know about. Such a convenient truth!  :) Today it is only a tad bit overcast. No January snows in sight. None!

But I digress.  For breakfast, I had 2 eggs -140 calories ; 1 sandwich roll -100 calories; 1 laughing cow creamy swiss cheese- 35 calories, and 1 tbsp of parkay - 70 calories.
Quite a palattable breakfast :)

So my breakfast today was 345 calories... I see a pattern here... I hit just over 300 calories for every meal since I am paying attention to them.

H has a soccer game today, so I have several hours until we get something else to eat.  I think I will be just fine.   :)

Having dreams of the Caribbean today... 

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