Thursday, January 26, 2012


I had an awesome night tonight!!! I babysat Crystal's kids, and Crys was cool enough to let me lug them all around town! Sorta...
  I needed to weigh in tonight at the "Official WeightWatchers Site" to qualify for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Challenge. It is a great project and I challenge you to go to to check it out!!!  This was supposed to be my fun thing for the night, because I was really excited about it! I wore my jacket, my jeans, and my shoes to weigh in, because I have to weigh in again in April, and I want the best chance!

I actually have lots of projects right now... I also have arranged to run the Chik-Fil-A 5K in April!  I am super excited about this! I never thought that I would be excited to run. I am the kinda girl that definitely says no to going for a quick jog!   : D  But I think that this is going to be lots of fun! Being with people that really motivate you is amazing for your exercise spirit!

After we left the gym, we went over to my friend Jenn's house.  She has a daughter the same age as Crystal's son, so we got them together to play... which basically means running around after Boo and Jenn's dog, Geshe, screaming at the top of their lungs.  So we were planning to hang out with Jenn until bedtime. Then she remembered her Karate class tonight... "Do you want to go with me?"  she said. "Yeah, I bet the kids would love to watch a live karate class!"  "No, I mean do you want to train with me tonight?"  "Uh... what? I mean, I guess, I.... YEAH!" 

Long story short, I went to karate class and had a fantastic time!!!  It was so much fun, except for when I punched Jenn in the face on accident (I was slightly over exuberant)... but she was not hurt or anything. She will be fine!  So, I am debating whether or not to go to class weekly from now on. I loved it so much!!! I guess mostly it will depend on what Big H says :)

According to Sharecare, I logged in 900 calories burned through 1 hour of karate... I don't know if it was that high, but I did break out in a flop sweat... I was starving when we got back to Crystal's house though.  Out came the food!

Sorry, only one picture tonight. I told you I was starving!

As you can see, a banana and a yoplait yogurt, the red velvet cake kind, which was totally yummy!  That glass of water is approximately my 5th today, my 3rd post karate class.  And the open-faced sandwich that you see is Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Wheat with a sprinkling of spicy brown mustard, a Boca Chicken Patty, 1 oz. of American cheese, and 2 tbsp of garlic hummus on the side. I wound up smearing the hummus underneath the chicken patty, and no fork was anywhere in site this time. 

The cheese... I accidentally left in the microwave for just 15 seconds too long. It melted off the patty and onto the paper towel.

And I promptly ate it off the paper towel. If I am logging calories, I am eating the calories!

I have to say, I don't know why I have been eating my sandwiches with two slices of bread. I really like them this way. I feel like I taste everything more. 

So my calories for the day. A rich 1510.  This is the amount of calories ShareCare has allotted me per day. I think I need to be down just a little though. This is the second day in a row that I am kind of pushing the envelope with my calories.  But, I did log my class, too. Which, according to the site, would bring my net down to *400*???  Doubtful.  I really don't think I burned 900 calories.    This is where a HRM/Calorie Counter, like the iFit would really come in handy!!!

Do you have any projects in mind for this spring???  Please tell me about them! I want to know! Also, I would love tips on staying healthy!

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