Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pack Walk

Got up at 10 this morning and had a Dole Mandarin Orange Cup. 80 calories.

At 1:30 I went for a pack walk with Boo-Boo (the picture up top is her once we came back lol) and my Sharecare logged the 20 minute walk as 236 calories... So technically today I have logged out more calories than I have logged in. 

Tuna is my lunch today. Added 1 tbsp mayo, 2 tbsp pickle relish, 1 tbsp Louisiana Hot sauce, and some spices. Eating it with Kashi TLC Original Pita Chips YUM! and a laughing cow swiss cheese. Total calories : 415...

Eww, my tuna looks disgusting in the picture... but it tasted so good... Spicy! My cheese was just ok though... I probably need one with a different flavor so I can mix it up.

But my calories are kinda low... maybe I should add something to lunch...  We are low on veggies in the house, or I would supplement with a big bowl... I don't really want a cookie... I would rather save those for when I need a treat. I always crave sweets after supper so I want to avoid using those empty calories for when I crave them.  I am just proud that I found a cookie so low on calories that I can make and know exactly what is in them. I wish wish that I knew what I could substitute for the Crisco so they would be a bit less fatty.


Stoneyfield 2% Vanilla Yogurt with 1 tbsp coconut, 1 tbsp toasted almond slivers, and 1 tbsp bama strawberry jelly, on the side so I can get a little bit with every bite.... But, let's face it, by the end, I will have swirled it all together... :)

190 calories for the yogurt. Brings my calories so far to 680. Not bad. Doing pretty good today! :)

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