Saturday, January 28, 2012

I caved...

I was so hungry, and H was still in bed. I told him I was leaving.

I went to Taco Bell.  BUT...

I Sharecared first. I went on Sharecare and looked up the individual calorie information for all of the food at Taco Bell. I compared the amount of calories with the things that I usually get.  Did you know that a chicken quesadilla is over 500 calories?!?!  Umm, I don't think so.

I wound up getting a Pintos and Cheese and a Crunchwrap Supreme. 700 calories in all, but I only had about 100 calories this morning.  I didn't take a picture of it as I am not supremely proud of my excursion. (Hahaha, see what I did there? "Supreme"ly?) 

I went ahead and picked up H's favorite Subway sandwich. He is still asleep though, so that will probably be his supper. My hubby feels so grungy that he actually took a pill I offered him. Usually it is like pulling teeth to get him to take medicine!!!

I also went to Publix.  I got a salmagundi *I love that word!* of fruits. 4 different kinds of pears, an orange, a tangerine, a mango, some kiwi, bananas. I also got some egg beaters, Laughing Cow Cheese, Plain Fage yogurt, and Activia Vanilla Yogurt. 

The main reason that we went into Publix was because I was thirsty.  As I stood staring at the fruit juice, I knew that plain mango juice just would not suffice.  I had to get something lighter.  I drink water all day long. To get something that thick, I probably would not enjoy it very much... And then I saw it!!! My thirst salvation!!! Bom Dia Coconut Splash.

Coconut water with mango flavor. Yes!!!! It was exactly what I wanted! It quenched my thirst entirely. And for only 60 calories per 8 fluid oz, it has much fewer calories than other juices - about a third of orange juice.  Plus coconut is super good for you. Don't believe me?  Check this out. Coconut Water Benefits
I learned new things. I am sure you will too :)

I have about 400 calories left for the day, unless I do P90X, which I meant to do this morning. Even so, I will probably just have a big salad. With pear!


  1. Libby, try chocolate coconut tastes just like chocolate milk and is delicious!

    1. I got the Bom Dia at Publix. Where did you get the chocolate one?