Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taco Night

I made supper tonight a little heavy.  We had kids over, so I made sure to make something that they would like... TACOS!!!

Of course, I did not have any chips/tortillas.  I wanted all my calories to be in food, not filler!

I had 2 cups of shredded taco chicken, 1 cup of homemade black beans, 1 cup homemade Mexican rice (sauteed onions, garlic, and bell pepper, added chicken broth, brought to a boil, added rice, turned off), 1 tbsp of salsa, and 2 tbsp of sour cream. I am going to swap to Plain Yogurt soon, but we needed to get rid of the sour cream anyway.  It was REALLY good!!!  See, here is Boo, wishing I would give her some :)

Not gonna happen, Boo-Boo!!! But, oh, those puppy dog eyes!

I am not going to post the calories for each item anymore, as that can get quite monotonous. I have started logging each item into Sharecare (in cooperation with CalorieKing), and will report those calories.
My ShareCare says that this meal was a WHOPPING 911 calories!!! Ironically, the rice was the most calories, coming in at 343! Sooo, I guess I won't be doing that anymore... If I do, it will be far smaller portions... like half. It is a shame, too, because Mexican food is my very favorite!!! :0(

Once I saw how many calories that was, I knew I had to do some exercise... So here came Tony!!!  P90X's CardioX was on the menu for tonight... and here is what I look like now...

Wow, am I red!!! Evidence that I worked hard :)
On the upside, I felt much better doing Cardio tonight! It had to have been the water... I drank 3 HUGE glasses of water today.... At least 48 oz, and I am about to go drink more...

Alright... time for a cold shower and getting into bed with my baby, who has been asleep since 7. He didn't even eat supper!!!  : /   Don't worry!!! I made him a plate and set it aside :)  

So that brings my calories in today to 1588! Whoa, The most in a week!
And my calories out to 855 according to ShareCare... ( I wish I had a Heart Rate/Calorie Monitor, though!!!)
And my net for today: 733???  Is that possible??? I think I need a redo!!! 

PS: I love comments!

PPS: I love my followers too ;)

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