Saturday, January 21, 2012

Out for the Night

H and I are going over to one of his friends for a shin-dig tonight... No telling what there is going to be to eat there... Wifey always makes terrific food... I am going to eat some tuna and crackers before going over there so I don't get hungry and eat everything in her house :) 

Tuna: 1 can - 100 calories
Mayo - 1 tbsp - 90 calories.... SERIOUSLY, as much as the tuna!!! Cheezus!
Pickle Relish - 2 tbsp - 40 calories
hotsauce, spices... 0 calories, Thank you, Baby Jesus. Thank you, Tom Cruise!

Toasteds Crackers - 5 crackers - 80 calories... my husband left only 8 crackers in the box... so 128 calories.

358 calories total for lunch... at 4:30 in the afternoon :) Ah, life.

Since there are no pics on this link... how bout a pic of what I want to look like... Ah, Katy Heigl... I would not mind walking around looking like that!!! Yum!  ;)  Til next time...

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