Monday, September 26, 2011

Partying sometimes leads to pie... and other erroneous details

Ahahahawl-righty then!   We have had a great week or two.  Eating really healthy.  My pants that have not fit since coming back from Bequia slid on the other day... had a bit of a mufffin top, but what are you gonna do?  I went to a Buddhist meditation on Saturday to kind of center myself... really helpful.  And also, we went out to The Furniture Factory with my mom and dad the other day...  Good Times!!!  :)  Monkey and The Spank Daddies were off the chain, my Mom did the Moores Mill Stomp, and we just had a good time overall!  I had a salad and a half of a portobello mushroom sandwich there,  Hartley had Rum and Coke..... which leads me up to the testing part of the evening... Big H wanted to stop at Kroger.... ok... We get there and he chooses a pizza... yikes!!!  and suggests that we get a pie.... UhOH!  I have a weakness.... We got a Hershey's pie...  yeah...  Not a good thing.... but when it is gone, it will be gone, and it has been a while since we have had any, so I don't feel completely terrible about it.

Side Note:  Dad and I planted our mixed greens this weekend...  expecting them to shoot up soon since we had some good rain today.
Big H also made Caribbean Coconut Curry Chicken last night... Phenomenal... Will make it again soon and post it on here!  Happy Eating :)

 My makeup had melted off, and yes, H had a run-in with a razor. He was trying to pluck without the tweezers  : D I laughed at him...... a lot...   
Ah, the night was over and dad had to catch his breath... :)

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