Wednesday, February 1, 2012

H's B-Day!!!

I am sorry that I am a bit behind on the blogging.  I have been working on my resume
 and shopping for places to work :)  Cross your fingers for me!  H and I have been spending lots of time together the last couple of days.  It is his birthday today!!!  Yesterday, I went to EarthFare and got him a Key Lime Tart. He enjoyed it, but actually said he liked Publix's better!!!  I KNOW!!! I am aghast! We have been eating a lot of bought stuff. I am feeling a little bit slow, and I believe that it is because of all the processed food.   Right now, I really want a smoothie... I am going to go work on it.  We are also supposed to go grocery shopping tonight, so I will post after that. :)

A little inspiration? Here you go.

:D  hahaha... love it!  I feel a Friends Phoebe moment coming on! 

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