Monday, February 6, 2012

I fell....

Off the wagon.

I have been bad! vewwy, vewwy bad!

I have been eating a plethora of junk... From Strawberry jello for breakfast, to Twix bars after supper... BAD!

So, as of tomorrow, I am back on the wagon. For real!  I have no idea what I weigh since last week.  I just hope I haven't gone over my original weight.  I just have to keep telling myself that I WILL do it!

Ok, on to cooler/cuter things.  Like the SuperBowl Party I attended!  Look at Boo playing with my friend's dog, Minnie.  Minnie is huge!!! Totally manhandled Boo.  Boo was not supposed to get on the couch, and Minnie would keep knocking her down when she tried to get back up. So cute!

Back tomorrow with my food and exercise antics :)

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