Saturday, February 11, 2012

Up and At 'Em!

Good Morning!!!

It is cold out there this morning! I even saw some snowflakes!!! Fingers crossed
 that we have snow on the ground later!  :-O , actually on second thought, my H has a couple soccer games today that he really wants to play, so snow on the ground much later!  :) 

Thought I might ring the all-natural alarm!  :D Cockadoodledoo!

I walked into the living room and put Boo outside, walked through the kitchen and smelled something...
Someone had cut an orange into sections.  And oh boy did they smell good! It really woke me up. So I went ahead and had one... ok, two! And made my oatmeal. On the side, I had some strawberries and grapes. I got full about halfway through my oatmeal.  So I decided that the rest of the oatmeal was not worth it. It was partially because of the walnuts.  They just were not that yummy to me. I wish I had banana or pear to go in it instead.   :-/ Sliced almonds are ok, but not the whole ones... not for me, not my oatmeal.

I grew up with the mindset that if you did not eat everything on your plate, you are being wasteful... And so, my waistline got the memo, too.  But, I kind of still feel like it is wasteful if you are not enjoying your food.  And at some point or another, we get full...

So, my new theory on food is to eat it only if I am truly enjoying it. Otherwise it is just empty calories because I am probably not going to be satisfied. And I want to eat to just the perfect amount of fullness, not be so full that I have to stand up or unbutton my pants to be able to breathe... (Which, I will admit, I have done before.)   And really, if you think about it, in the long run, you are probably saving food... Wait a second, just hear me out!  ;) So, you don't finish your food?  Your stomach is not stretched beyond its limit. A good thing! Which means that next time you sit down to eat, it has that much less room to fill up before you start to feel full. And then the time after that, and the time after that, and then you start to choose smaller servings. Which in turn, keeps you from throwing food away.  Ahh, the circle of life!

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